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Pre Service Tips

"Is my car broken?"

- We can help determine if it is or isn't, serious or minor, address it now or later, safety issue or annoyance, expensive or cheap. Maybe it's not worth fixing ... or maybe a simple twist of the widget and we'll send you on your way....no charge. Maybe it's under warranty and the dealer will fix it for free. Either way, we'll always give you an honest assessment.....it's why our customers come back to us.

Know your Owner's Manual

- Read it...and heed the recommended service intervals and preventive maintenance (PM) items. Ask us to help make sense of it if you're unsure.

Don't Ignore

- Noises, vibrations, anything that feels unsafe, leaks, burning smells, dashboard warnings, or sudden changes in drivability or performance. Addressing them sooner as opposed to later can save you money and hassle.

Be Prepared

- Explain your vehicle's symptoms ...... what feels or sounds different? What type of noise? For how long? How often? Intermittent or always? When vehicle is cold or warmed up? At what speed or all speeds? When stopped? During acceleration or braking? Did you recently have it serviced somewhere else or by us? These are all questions you may be asked that will help us determine the problem.

Leave contact info

- We can communicate our diagnosis and estimate in order to obtain your approval and proceed with the repair. Please leave us your cell phone number, work and home number please.

A proper diagnosis takes time

- Please don't rush or pressure the technician to provide an on-the-spot diagnosis....sometimes we just don't know. Often, test drives, "exploratory surgery", or a diagnostic scan may be needed to determine the problem. As soon as we know ... you'll know, it's all part of the repair process that gets it done right.

Bring us your estimates

- We're not insulted that you went to a dealership or chain repair facility for warranty work or their coupon specials....but when they hand you the "21 point safety inspection" along with a $1200 estimate and tell you how unsafe your vehicle is, be very suspicious. Give us the estimate and an opportunity to inspect your vehicle. We'll let you know what you actually need, don't need, or can wait for. We'll NEVER try to sell you something your vehicle doesn't actually need because when you actually do....we hope you come to us.


- Feel free to ask questions. We want you to fully understand the problem and be comfortable with the repair process. Stop by and ask us for a quick listen or look so we can suggest a course of action. We're almost always available to give a quick assessment (some days we're buried).